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Visit Authentic Online Sweet Shops to Find Different Varieties of Indian Desserts

What makes India a versatile country is not only its different religions and communities of people but also the different types of food and desserts that they savour. The wide variety of sweets from Rasgullas to laddoos to Gulab Jamuns and so on is perfect to mark a celebration while sweetening up the mouth and cheering up the mood. Now with the increasing popularity of sweets, many Indian shops have taken the online platform to make shopping easier for their customers. Here is a list of some the best selling items that they are offering right now.

Indian Sweets Online

Rasgullas, dipped in sugary syrup

Whether there is a guest in your house or a just a dinner with family, the different assortments of Rasgullas are a must for every household, especially Bengali. While the white ones remain a classic favorite amongst many, there are other flavors as well such as mango, strawberry and litchi that are fast becoming the new tastes of India. When this soft and juicy, round spongy ball goes into your mouth, it leaves a wonderful feeling to your whole being.

Does your loved one stay miles away from you, then mend the distance with a large variety of desserts, packed together in a nice gift box with a heart warming note dedicated to him or her. For all this contact a renowned Indian sweets online  site and share the exact location to them to get fast delivery within time.

Melt-in-the-mouth soft Gulab Jamuns

After Rasgullas, there’s no missing the hot and soft Gulab Jamuns that conveys the spirit of any occasion. From weddings to birthday parties to festivals, nothing can beat a box of Gulab Jamuns. The brown soft thing with an yellow core inside is not only good to look at but also tastes deliciously good. However, if you are still thinking of buying them from your local shops, shoot the idea and check out the various options available at any reputed Bengali sweets online store.

Laddoos for every occasion

Buying a few boxes of laddoos for your colleagues will certainly save your face in the workplace. Abd when you get them at the tip of your fingers without spending a large fortune and spending a lot of time standing in a queue of your local shop, it makes shopping sweets worth it. So visit an e-shop, browse through their list and buy Indian sweets online.

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Celebrate the Ecstasy of Christmas and a New Year with Some Mouth-Watering Sweets

With Christmas and a new year fast approaching, you must have started thinking about buying gifts for everyone from your close relatives to your neighbours to your employer and colleagues. Now for Indians it is hard to imagine a festival without some sweets. They are not only inexpensive but also work great to lift up the gloomiest of moods. So here are some of the different types of desserts that are appropriate to notch up the level of joy as well as give a pampering pat to the sweet lovers.

Sweets Online


When you are in doubt about how to greet your employer on Christmas or a new year, think no further than desserts and flowers which stand for delight and prosperity. Now while buying them forget the old way of going to a local shop and standing in a queue for collecting your order. Instead, visit an online Indian sweets shop and get your order delivered to your provided address on time.

Rasgullas and gulab jamuns

You should not be amazed to see how much pleasure some succulent rasgullas or gulab jamuns are bringing to you and those whom you have gifted when they are melting into the mouths.

Now you can also send Indian sweets with just a few clicks to those who are living abroad by availing the excellent online delivery service of some of the sweets sites.

Cashew Barfis

Cut in diamond shapes, the rich texture of these desserts render a sweet and nutty feel to the mouths. If you want them in a large number, it will be wise to buy them from sweets online stores that make them with fresh and healthy ingredients as well as in a clean and hygienic place.

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Keeping The Indian Tradition Of Gifting Sweets Alive

For time immemorial, gifting sweets to your loved ones or celebrating happiness by distributing sweets is a common habit in India.  Sweets is a pop up idea for any occasion, be it a first time or a long time visit to your relatives, celebrating happiness of your loved ones, Pujas, Diwali or anything under the sun.

Mithais and sweets are integral to the festival. Every house welcome its visitors with sweets on that day. Gift packs of sweets or sweet hampers are distributed among neighbours, corporate offices, workers in factories, friends, loved ones and expected or unexpected guests at home. Companies gift mithais to their employees, parents send mithais to her married daughters house, elders buy sweets for the younger ones and so on.

Indian Sweets

The Dying Culture To Rebuild Through Internet Marketing

With busy schedule and shortage of exclusive sweets in the retail shops, people are forgetting the culture of sweets. Buy Sweets Online are exchanged with foreign chocolates or flowers. But now you can preserve the culture by finding and ordering indian sweets online. Keeping the busy schedule in mind some of the sites, deliver the order requirements straight at your doorstep or the given address. This is a good way of gifting sweets keeping the Indian culture alive to people who stay abroad or if your loved ones are far away from you.

Another advantage of buying sweets online is the availability of a gigantic collection of sweets specialized from different parts of India. The sweet list in Indian culture is never ending. Gifting sweets according to the region can be an added happiness when you are gifting to your loved ones. Some of the list which will help you choose are:

North India – Petha, Balushahi, gajar ka halwa, Motichoor laddu, Imarti, Kalakand, Kheer, Sohan Papdi/Pateesa, Boondi, Sohan Halwa, Singori and the list goes on.

East India – Chhena gaja, Chhena jalebi, Chhena kheeri, Chhena payesh, Chhena poda, Cham cham, Jal-bhora, Komolabhog, Ledikeni, Lyangcha, Malapua (dessert), Sitabhog, Shor puria, Shor bhaja, Sandesh, (several types), Ras malai, Raskadamba, Rasgulla, Rasabali, Rajbhog, Rabri, Pranohora, Pithe, Pati shapta, Pantua, Narkeler naru, Misti doi and much more availability of bengali sweets online.

South India – Kozhakkattai, Kajjikaayalu, Kakinada Khaja, Jaangiri, Gavvalu, Dharwad pedha, Coconut burfi, Bandar laddu, Ariselu, Kozhikode Halwa, Adhirasam and many more.

West India – Coconut cake(Naralachi wadi), Chirote, Adadiyu, Karanji, Shikran, Aamras, Sudha ras, Dinkache ladoo, Puran Poli, Modak, Kaju Katli, Doodhpak, Dhondas, Gavhachi Kheer/ Dalia Kheer, Basundi, Shrikhand, Anarsa and the like.

Pan India – Peda, Laddoo, Kheer, Halva, Caramel custard and  Barfi

With all the kinds of variety of sweets available online at affordable price why would you go helter-skelter to the retail stores, just Bengali Sweets Online with your comfort.

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