Get cake delivered at your doorstep easily for any occasion

Cake is a wonderful combination of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and other added flavors. It plays a vital role in each and every occasion – be it a birthday party, an anniversary or a regular party. We cannot imagine a single occasion without a cake, right? Eggless cakes are also available now. Nowadays, a readymade cake can be easily delivered at your doorstep.

Get a personalized cake for Kids

You can choose customized or personalized cakes in the shape of a cartoon character loved by the kids such as Superman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, batman, etc. You can also attach your kids’ picture to the cake.

Birthday Cake

For marriage or Anniversary

A red velvet cake is the best choice in case of occasions like marriage or anniversary.

So, if you want to surprise your relatives and friends now, you can easily do so with the help of online cake delivery in Kolkata. Well, here are a very few tips for every cake lovers, as to how to get a beautiful readymade cake at your doorstep.

  1. Check out the Website

First of all, you need to check the website of the shops who deliver cakes to get an idea about the variety of cakes and the offers they are providing to its customers.

  1. Customer Reviews

Read the customer reviews thoroughly while going through the website. Read both the negative as well as the positive reviews to get an idea about what the customers think about the website and their services.

  1. Terms and Services

Read the terms and conditions clause mentioned on every page of the website while placing your final order to avoid any disappointments.

  1. Payment

Choose the website which offers cake delivery in Kolkata and accepts all modes of payments like COD, Debit / Credit Cards, etc.

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If these occasions are coming up then flowers are the best gifts!

Don’t you think that gets play an important role in any animal species? Especially humans?

The best part about gifts is that no matter how small or big they are they always mean something exceptional. There is completely no doubt in the fact that with the help of the gifts one can completely entire another person.


There is a list of various expensive gifts that you can gift others. But nothing beats the importance and essence of flowers. Flowers can turn any occasion into beautiful events within a span of few minutes.

And it is absolutely one of the most important reasons why gifting flowers can be you one of the best things that you can do. Nevertheless there are some of the best shops who believe in exceptional flower sale in Kolkata.

And you can absolutely gift some of the most amazing and rarest flowers to the person whom you want. But flowers certainly like a certain occasions even more. Let us see what these occasions are.

Various occasions that can make the best use of flowers:

Following is the list of various occasions where you can make the best use of gifting flowers:

  • Birthdays:

There is completely no doubt in the fact that birthday is really special for any person. And in order to make it more special gifting them a bouquet of beautiful and Wholesome flowers is something that you can do.

Nevertheless it will make this special day of theirs more special.

  • Anniversaries:

Of course people cannot deny that nothing be the essence of flowers when it comes to expressing romanticism. And it is absolutely why if it is your marriage anniversary or your love anniversary then bouquet of flowers and we the best for gifting.

Nevertheless these are some of the best occasions where you can make the best use of flowers no matter what. So go ahead and grab them right now.

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The Significance of 5 Types of Flowers Which Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day gift!

One of nature’s best creations, flowers is the best gift for the most romantic day of the year. In fact, Valentine’s Day is considered to be the busiest day for the florists. There are a variety of flowers available with each symbolizing something important, something special. While it really does not matter what type of flower you give to your lover, but some flowers have the reputation of being more romantic. Thus, summing them up in a comprehensive list, pick the one you find the most appropriate and surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day.


The iris signifying faith and hope

The purple flower is preferred by many people for they symbolize confidence and optimism. They come in three types with each having its own unique qualities and beauty. Gather these beauties in a bunch and put them in a glass bowl before presenting it to your lover. It surely will make one of the best valentines day gifts.

The sunflower signifying loyalty

Sunflower is the national flower of Russia and used by many as an ingredients to prepare a number of dishes. But when it comes to presenting these magnificent flowers to your partner, they have a beautiful meaning to them. The bright yellow flower represents loyalty. So nothing can be better than giving a single stem sunflower to your partner! Talk about literally being devoted.

The wildflower signifying adoration

A flower that signifies adoration! Wildflowers have almost 5000 species and have an exotic presence about them. They have been used as gifts for valentines for hundreds of years. Their ironical association with admiration is a perfect way to show your awe and wonder for a particular person! No other can day can be better than Valentine’s Day to do so either!

The lilac signifying love

Having their origin in Europe, which is considered to be the most romantic continent in the world, it can be expected that these flowers are the perfect demonstration of love. Though very expensive for they are extremely rare, these magnificent blossoms are available in two colours, namely white and lavender. Propose your love for that special person with lilacs and jumpstart your love life again.

The carnation signifying fascination

Widely popular in the United Kingdom, carnation is an excellent pick among a wide range of valentines flowers. They have a long lasting quality about them as they last for up to three weeks after being plucked from the garden. And all along they stay fresh and keep blooming. While the deep red represents love and affection, the pink ones are believed to have association with a woman’s undying love.

Thus, whether professing your love or showing your appreciation for someone, flowers are the most significant thing to do so. Popular florists have a huge display of blossoms that range from valentines roses to lilies. The flowers are unique and distinctive from age old traditions. You can have them arranged in bouquet or get a single piece; they are very cost-effective and affordable.

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3 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas – 2016 For Your Parents!


Well, it is time to show some gratitude to your parents! They have certainly fulfilled all your childhood wishes but it is your time to return the same affection they gave to you. Christmas is just around the corner and nothing can a better time to buy surprise gifts for parents. If you are running out of gift ideas, don’t worry. Here is the list of Christmas gift ideas – 2016 for your parents. Have a look!

Flower Bouquet and tasty Cakes

Flowers can enliven the ambiance anytime and when it is Christmas, you can simply choose them as a sweet gift to your parents. The combination of a flower bouquet and a tasty chocolate cake can leave a lingering effect on your parents. The delectable taste along with the mind-blowing fragrance can brighten up the Christmas ambiance. Buy Christmas gifts online from the top gift shops where you will find a broad variety of cakes and flowers. You can choose the flavour of cake that your dad likes and choose the flowers according to your mom’s preference.

Buy Christmas gifts online

Dry Fruit Basket

If you want to make your Christmas gift healthier, go online and purchase a dry fruit basket from the virtual gift stores. Show that you care for them by gifting a dry fruit box which is easily available at the online stores. If you stay in a different place or a different country, you can send Christmas gifts online to your parents with the help of these web stores.


Couple Movie Ticket

Do you want your gift to be a little quirky and romantic? Then buy couple movie tickets for your parents and let them enjoy the Christmas together. Remember how your parents skipped all their plans for you? It is true that couples hardly have time to spend together once they become parents. So, make this Christmas more enjoyable for your parents with a couple movie tickets.

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Different Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Avail At The Top E-stores!

Birthdays are to be cherished forever. It comes once in the year and this special day determines your age. We all celebrate birthdays with cakes candles and gifts.

However, nowadays, everyone is struggling with their busy schedules and can hardly make time to go and buy a cake from the shops. On the other hand, with easy access to internet, it is now even easier to buy birthday cakes online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Here are different types of cakes you will find at the top online stores.

birthday cakes online

Sponge Cake:

Sponge cakes are popular among children as well as the adults. The soft cakes melt in your mouth and the taste lingers. Many opt for sponge cakes for birthdays. You can rely on the online cakes delivery when you are looking for fresh sponge cakes. If you want to send cakes to those who are far away from you, provide your address to the dealers and they will do the job.

Fruit Cake:

Depending on the choice of your loved ones, you can also go for fruit cakes. These cakes usually contain fruit chunks and palatable colours. You can choose these cakes for Christmas too as this is the time for various fruits. Fruit cakes are also a pocket-friendly option.

Eggless Cake:

Whether your loved one is allergic to eggs or purely vegetarian, you can simply opt for eggless cakes. The buttery delights taste equally good as those with eggs. Eggless cakes remain fresh for a long time if kept in the fridge.

So, if you want to buy birthday cakes online, then browse the online stores where you will find several options to choose from. Moreover, with online stores, you can also send these cakes to different places and also get international delivery services.

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Top 4 Trends in Wedding Cake Designs That You Must Watch out Now!

The design trends for wedding cakes are changing at a rapid pace every season, giving way to modern styles while bringing back the classic ones. From metallic to ruffled to exposed to white-on-white, the choices are galore. So if you are looking forward to ordering a custom wedding cake from a well reputed online shop, here’s a quick look at the trends. Check out!


Metallic has been a huge trend in the apparel section for a long time and now it has set its target on bakery. More than the vintage gold and silvery style, it is the stylized, art-deco, classic Hollywood look that the cake designers are preferring these days. Since metallic can adapt to any style, you can consider delicate embroidery in gold with geometric shapes that will render a fresh and contemporary feel to the entire cake decoration. Plus, you can ask your Online Cake Shop for a little edible glitter sprinkled all over the cake that can add some sparkle to the entire design.


: Online Cake Shop

Ruffles are another transition from apparel to cake. The sugar ruffles with subtle embellishments sans bold and intricate patterns create an elegant look. Light and airy, it does not feature much details. However, you can urge a reputed online shop for sugar flowers in between the tiers for an added avant-garde country chic style.


Exposed or deconstructed cake is a hot trend these days that allows a good peek into the inside of the creamy layer. While berries are good for Summer, seasonal fruits such as pears, apples, blood oranges and persimmons work well in Winter and Fall. While the naked structure looks appealing to the eyes, the delicious filling is perfect to fill your mouth with added sweetness.


Online Cake Shop

The white-on-white cake is widely favored by a large number of couples for their weddings. But you can add some twist to the classic style and go for white embellishments. For instance, you can jazz up the look with piped embroidery, jewelled adornments and choose edible pearls or petals for further appeal. Now these online shops are also offering flower arrangement with cakes and chocolates. So what you have to do is find a Florist In Kolkata that has an array of flowers and cakes in the most appealing and appetizing forms.

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Time and distance is not a factor for online cake order

Are you working in New York while your fiancé is here in Kolkata? Well, don’t have to be sorry for your absence on her birthday then as you can easily make it up for that with online cake order.


Distance to not limit you

Many times it so happens that owing to staying in different parts of the world, you’re not able to pamper your loved ones on their special occasions like birthday or anniversary. So, if you’re working abroad to make a living while your parents are here in Kolkata, you don’t have to be disappointed for not being there with them on their birthdays while they’re aging. Instead, you can just log on to online flower delivery services who’ll deliver them flowers, cakes and gifts of your choice.

Time that is flexible

At times, you remember about some occasion little late and don’t have enough time to make arrangements. You don’t have to feel guilty in such situations as online cake order in Kolkata is acceptable till 4 pm for the same day delivery. This makes it extremely user friendly for most clients who are not the types to plan early.

Quality that doesn’t disappoint you

Cakes and flowers are just two ways- there are many more like chocolates and soft toys to pamper your loved ones. All these are available under one online order website which makes it easy for you to order. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products as all meet the highest standards. The cakes are delicious to taste, flowers are fresh to smell while other products are up to their mark as well!

So, just sit back and relax as you enjoy the amazing flower delivery services in Kolkata.

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