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3 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas – 2016 For Your Parents!


Well, it is time to show some gratitude to your parents! They have certainly fulfilled all your childhood wishes but it is your time to return the same affection they gave to you. Christmas is just around the corner and nothing can a better time to buy surprise gifts for parents. If you are running out of gift ideas, don’t worry. Here is the list of Christmas gift ideas – 2016 for your parents. Have a look!

Flower Bouquet and tasty Cakes

Flowers can enliven the ambiance anytime and when it is Christmas, you can simply choose them as a sweet gift to your parents. The combination of a flower bouquet and a tasty chocolate cake can leave a lingering effect on your parents. The delectable taste along with the mind-blowing fragrance can brighten up the Christmas ambiance. Buy Christmas gifts online from the top gift shops where you will find a broad variety of cakes and flowers. You can choose the flavour of cake that your dad likes and choose the flowers according to your mom’s preference.

Buy Christmas gifts online

Dry Fruit Basket

If you want to make your Christmas gift healthier, go online and purchase a dry fruit basket from the virtual gift stores. Show that you care for them by gifting a dry fruit box which is easily available at the online stores. If you stay in a different place or a different country, you can send Christmas gifts online to your parents with the help of these web stores.


Couple Movie Ticket

Do you want your gift to be a little quirky and romantic? Then buy couple movie tickets for your parents and let them enjoy the Christmas together. Remember how your parents skipped all their plans for you? It is true that couples hardly have time to spend together once they become parents. So, make this Christmas more enjoyable for your parents with a couple movie tickets.

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Time and distance is not a factor for online cake order

Are you working in New York while your fiancé is here in Kolkata? Well, don’t have to be sorry for your absence on her birthday then as you can easily make it up for that with online cake order.


Distance to not limit you

Many times it so happens that owing to staying in different parts of the world, you’re not able to pamper your loved ones on their special occasions like birthday or anniversary. So, if you’re working abroad to make a living while your parents are here in Kolkata, you don’t have to be disappointed for not being there with them on their birthdays while they’re aging. Instead, you can just log on to online flower delivery services who’ll deliver them flowers, cakes and gifts of your choice.

Time that is flexible

At times, you remember about some occasion little late and don’t have enough time to make arrangements. You don’t have to feel guilty in such situations as online cake order in Kolkata is acceptable till 4 pm for the same day delivery. This makes it extremely user friendly for most clients who are not the types to plan early.

Quality that doesn’t disappoint you

Cakes and flowers are just two ways- there are many more like chocolates and soft toys to pamper your loved ones. All these are available under one online order website which makes it easy for you to order. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products as all meet the highest standards. The cakes are delicious to taste, flowers are fresh to smell while other products are up to their mark as well!

So, just sit back and relax as you enjoy the amazing flower delivery services in Kolkata.

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Flowers- An Inexpensive yet The Most Priceless Present for Christmas

Since Santa Claus does not bring us presents anymore, we have to buy them for our dear ones this festive season. Now unlike Santa we have a tight budget. But before you start scratching your head for ideas, think about going a little out of the box this time by buying some bouquets of flowers from online florist shops which will not only express your feelings properly but also appear easy on your pocket and save much of your time.


Fresh Flowers

Besides a Christmas tree which is quite an imperative item at every home on the eve of Christmas, fresh flowers can also be gifted in the form of a nice bouquet. Once you visit the site of a trustworthy online flowers shop, you will come across different types of flowers, ranging from roses and geraniums to orchids and chrysanthemums. All you need to do is select your product, pay an amount and have them delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. However, if you need them in a large quantity and worried about their freshness, then clarify your doubts online .

Artificial flowers

No matter how far you are from your family, you can send flowers online with the help of a reputed online florist store. Now instead of gifting fresh flowers, think of artificial ones which last longer than the former ones. However, just make sure that the flowers you are buying reaches your folks at the right time. For this you need to book your order in advance and expect them to be delivered at your given address.

Flowers are not only great for close relatives, they can be presented to your co-workers and employees as well. A nice arrangement of red roses and carnations, topped with white chrysanthemums, available at flower shops online looks as fresh as real flowers while giving a long lasting impression on the receiver.

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Buy Flowers Online And Relish Its Symbolic Significance With Your Loved Ones

In the crowd of new techie gift products, traditional gift items like flowers still holds a very strong ground in our hearts; for their essence and spirit can glee even the saddest of faces. Although they are still just the same old flowers, their symbolic significance is what that counts the most.

Online Flower Shop

Conversing with no words

Flowers go back to centuries, when people with trembling hands offered them to their loved ones and expressed their feeling with no words. Today, even though we have no less of mediums to connect with people and talk to them directly and with ease, we often, at crucial moments, find ourselves with no right words.

At times like this, flowers could be our savior. They can put across our sentiments with no audile words.

Different varieties-different feel

Good options in flowers, years back, were limited just to red roses. But today, to convey different emotions and feelings, you can opt from various varieties and colors.

We all know red flowers stand for love and admiration. Do you know purple flowers convey a feeling of fickleness, white ones express innocence, yellow friendship and pink says ‘I will never forget you’? So when you buy flowers to gift someone, make sure you know exactly what you want to convey to that person.

Send red roses bunch to your boyfriend, girlfriend or close family members, yellow gerberas to your best friends, and white orchids to someone you want to make peace with. Of course, this flowers combination with different person and events is not a written rule, and that you can definitely mix things up, when it seems appropriate.

Effortless way

The relevance of flowers over the years has not changed; and it will never change. But the ways they are bought and delivered has reached to the moon, metaphorically speaking of course. Online flower shops have made the buying process much easier and effortless. You can get all the different varieties, mentioned above, and more, when you buy flowers online at much cheaper price. Also their online flower delivery service is just as quick and efficient.

So with many occasions and events coming forth, buy flowers from top florist in Kolkata and make your happy life even happier. By the way, who told you need any specific occasion or event, to express your feelings to someone, in the first place? Just go to online flower shop now and order beautiful flowers.

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