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Different Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Avail At The Top E-stores!

Birthdays are to be cherished forever. It comes once in the year and this special day determines your age. We all celebrate birthdays with cakes candles and gifts.

However, nowadays, everyone is struggling with their busy schedules and can hardly make time to go and buy a cake from the shops. On the other hand, with easy access to internet, it is now even easier to buy birthday cakes online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Here are different types of cakes you will find at the top online stores.

birthday cakes online

Sponge Cake:

Sponge cakes are popular among children as well as the adults. The soft cakes melt in your mouth and the taste lingers. Many opt for sponge cakes for birthdays. You can rely on the online cakes delivery when you are looking for fresh sponge cakes. If you want to send cakes to those who are far away from you, provide your address to the dealers and they will do the job.

Fruit Cake:

Depending on the choice of your loved ones, you can also go for fruit cakes. These cakes usually contain fruit chunks and palatable colours. You can choose these cakes for Christmas too as this is the time for various fruits. Fruit cakes are also a pocket-friendly option.

Eggless Cake:

Whether your loved one is allergic to eggs or purely vegetarian, you can simply opt for eggless cakes. The buttery delights taste equally good as those with eggs. Eggless cakes remain fresh for a long time if kept in the fridge.

So, if you want to buy birthday cakes online, then browse the online stores where you will find several options to choose from. Moreover, with online stores, you can also send these cakes to different places and also get international delivery services.

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Celebrate Your Birthday with the Delicious Cakes Available Online

Have you ever thought why we should celebrate birthdays? Well, there may be many didactic reasons and explanations behind this. But for most of us, it is just welcoming an opportunity where your friends and family can come together and shower their best wishes and blessings upon you. Now can you imagine a birthday without a cake? No, we say. So if baking seems a great deal of effort for you, then just make your way to a trustworthy online bakery shop. Here is a list of some different types of cakes that they are offering at the moment.

Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata

Black Forest

Whether you are throwing a party for your birthday celebration or planning to spend the day with just your loved ones, a cake is a must and what can be better than a delectable black forest. The cake with vanilla frosting and cherry topping is not only ravishing to look at but also delicious to taste. Soaked into rich kirsch syrup the cake with the spongy layers of rich chocolate makes for a great pick.

You can also surprise your dear one with this and place your order for Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata in a great combination of a black forest and a flower bouquet with a written note attached to the package to show how much you care for her.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

When you are planning something special for your loved one, make sure that you buy the best cake for him or her. A chocolate truffle cake with nice frosting and icing appears to be a great pick. When it melts into the mouth, the gooey taste that it leaves is perfect to spread happiness. So book your order online and get Cake Delivery In Kolkata right at your doorstep.

Birthday Cake Delivery In Kolkata

Vanilla and Strawberry Fusion
Unlike the local stores, an online bakery shop offers the flexibility to choose the flavor, frosting, icing and even topping on the cakes based on individual preferences. So if the milky white vanilla flavor brings smile on your dear one’s face, then go get it online. You may also find other options, especially different combinations such as vanilla and strawberry or pineapple and so on even with yummy fruit toppings.

Eggless Variety
For vegetarians, the choices in eggless cakes are aplenty. All you have to do is choose the flavor and designs and book your order for the ones you have been craving for long. So no more going about the town in search of your favorite flavored eggless cake. For those living abroad, can also choose their preferred item from their countless options and get Birthday Cake Delivery In Kolkata with just a few clicks.

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Mouth Watering Chocolate Cakes to Tantalize Your Taste Buds!

If you are the one having a sweet tooth then cakes are something that you can never get enough off. These rich cream laden delicacies tempt you like crazy and off and on you end up indulging in these sinful pleasures that it offers. A bit bite into these creamy layered ones will instantly delight your taste buds and lift up your mood. The most favorite of them all is the heavenly tasting chocolate cakes that is the most popular and desired item of them all.

cake order online Kolkata

Kids, teens, adults and even the elderly can’t resist the gateau. The lavish layers of chocolaty cream delights are absolutely irresistible for the foodie in you. If the local stores can’t give you the variety among these chocolate delicacies then a better option would be to opt for the online market. Many leading cake shops in Kolkata have gone viral and making their global customers happy with their matchless recipes of this creamy bread.

If you are staying abroad, then avail international cake delivery online services which will make your buys simpler and easier. Without going to the local market you can look into the online gallery of the reputed e-stores and choose from the enriching dark chocolates to the simple sugary creamy Chocó delights. The black forest cake is a common favorite and when you go for cake order online it is always in demand by foodies all over the globe. No one has ever been able to resist the temptation of these lip smacking crème delights.

A chocolate cake is always warm and welcoming, mostly smothered and well decorated with cherry toppings that will be absolutely an irresistible treat for you. The excellent services of getting cake delivery in Kolkata will truly satisfy the chocoholic person in you.

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Titillate Your Taste Buds with Chocolate Cakes by Leading E-Stores

Sweets are a favorite for all. It is always relished among friends and family during any happy event. One of the most contemporary ways of celebrations today is done through cakes. It is basically a sweet baked dessert that is whipped with cream, nuts and cherry to decorate it well and also to add flavor on it. Talking of flavor there are many in the family of gateau, starting from the common chocolate, vanilla, strawberry to the more refined flavors like black forest, rum cakes and so on.

Titillate Your Taste Buds with Chocolate Cakes by Leading E-Stores

Whatever may be the taste or savor of the cake it gains its appeal through decoration. A well ornamented cake with themes as well as the right design and pattern does not only look mouth watering but is also very pleasing to the eyes. If you want to avail these adornment delicacies then the online stores will be a good option to tap. Reputed online cake shop has come up with marvelous designs of gateau that also have a rich creamy taste to fill your heart and delight your senses. From the eggless ones to the heart shaped sizzling strawberries this rich piece of loaf bread will just melt in your mouth.

Nothing beats the forever favorite chocolate cakes. It’s such a great temptation that is absolutely irresistible. Not only have the kids, even the elderly have loved it since ages. Even the leading e-stores say that chocolate cake delivery is the most common orders that they get all throughout the year. And why not, the rich creamy layers of that brown semi liquid stuff tastes so good and nice that it will make any sane man get lost in the maddening taste of that delicacy.

Extremely affordable, the warm and welcoming sizzle of the gateau invites you to enjoy its spongy and smothered layers of cream.

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Making Celebrations Memorable!

To have celebrations that add up to the treasure of your happy memories you indeed need to make many preparations. There are many tasks to be done like contacting a caterer, getting flowers from the florist, buy birthday cake from a promising bakery, inviting guests and looking after all their needs! It is indeed an exhaustive list of numerous tasks that need to be done. What if you get the florist, decorator, baker all at one destination? It will surely lighten the burden on your shoulders! And guess what? You could make all these arrangements online! Just visit a web store and flick through their range of products and services.

Buy champagne online in Kolkata and have it delivered right at your doorstep! To get your guests drooling buy cakes online in Kolkata made to look extremely tempting. These cakes are soft and creamy and taste as good as they look! Buy online artificial flowers and have your venue decorated so beautifully that it makes your guests completely awestruck! The decorations of flowers will set the ambience just perfect for your celebration and you could also select the color or varieties of flowers that you want! Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the web store is sure to get you all you need! Services like midnight chocolate cake delivery in Kolkata could be availed to have your friends and families surprised! You could also buy champagne online in Kolkata and send it along with the cake.

These arrangements are sure to have your friends and family rejoice and smile. These are lovely ways to express your heart felt feelings and never miss out on any occasion to make your loved ones feel special! Buy birthday cake of Kolkata and along with a few balloons and flowers you will be ready to have a ball with your friends and family!

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Prompt and safe chocolate cake delivery Kolkata

Do you live in Kolkata? Wondering how to get a scrumptious and yummy chocolate cake for any special occasion in your family? Stop wondering, and start searching online for stores that deal in such products and services.Once you pick the right cake and place your order, simply chill and relax. You will get a prompt and safe chocolate cake delivery in Kolkata, no matter in which area you need to get it delivered.

If you are keen to order for a really soft, delicious and heavenly chocolate cake, but you have no time to run around town, looking for the right place to order for that special chocolate cake, well, you simply can thank your lucky stars!!! Just order it online. You will easily get the chocolate cake delivery in Kolkata, no matter how small or big the cake is. Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, get well soon gift or simply a cake you want to send to show a token of your love. All kinds and varieties are easily available.

There are some very well recognized and reputed online stores that have their base in Kolkata. This means that you can avail delivery options for anytime of the day or night, depending on what time suits you. You will be surprised at the different variations and sizes that the different chocolate cakes are available in. With exotic choices in plain dark chocolate to choco chips, black forest, truffle, chocolate delight and lots of other mouthwatering options, there are more than a dozen different varieties of chocolate cake that you can order online.

You can get genuinely fresh and soft cakes and pastries of any flavor. Specialized chocolate cakes with desired trimmings and decorations can also be ordered. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly start choosing the type of cake you want and get the yummiest chocolate cake and pamper your taste-buds.



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Delectable soft and creamy cakes are just a click away!

The best and most awaited part of any birthday celebration is cutting the velvety birthday cake. 4cafaf17d83cafbe1a871f0459f2dbf1While organizing a birthday party there are many other arrangements to be made and tasks to be completed like giving out invitations, decorating, arranging for tasty food, making proper seating arrangements, etc. Amidst so many duties the most important is ordering the special birthday cake! Going out to bakeries, placing the order and on the final day picking it up from there, it consumes a lot of time and makes your schedule hectic. An easy solution to this is to buy birthday cakes online. It removes a big burden from your shoulders! Especially if you are organizing a surprise it is the best option!  Even if it is a distant relative who you cannot visit, you could surely order and send fresh cakes online and have them floored on receiving it!


The available birthday cakes online are fresh, soft and creamy. Their look is enough to get your taste buds activated. For birthday cakes online booking all you have to do, is to select the flavor, size and fill in a few required details. You could order by looking at the pictures of cakes or even request them to make a personalized theme cake. Have the birthday cake made by one of the world’s best bakers and have your guests eyeing at the cake on its arrival! With birthday cakes online delivery service you can be sure to have the scrumptious cake delivered on the perfect time and in perfect shape, just the way you wanted it! Make your birthday celebrations special and memorable with birthday cakes online.

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