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Celebrate the Mirth of Your Birthday with Different Types of Online Cakes

We may not remember the time when the ritual of cutting a cake has taken place exactly, yet we cannot imagine a birthday without its cake. You can simply enjoy the fervour of your birthday at the comfort of your home or throw a grand party for others, no matter what you do, you must check out the enormous list of cakes, available at the online sites. Here’s what they are offering.


Black Forest

Who doesn’t love the amazingly delicious sight of a black forest cake? But once you bite into a piece of this spongy chocolate cake with kirsch syrup soaked in and a cherry placed on the top, it slowly melts into your mouth and makes you greedy enough to crave for a few more pieces than just stop at one. So pay a visit to a trusted shop that offers cake online delivery service and order for some extra pieces or a big scrumptious one to satiate your taste buds. feast on the yummy taste of this cake.

Chocolate Truffle

While running through the options, you will find various vanilla and chocolate flavored items, but you should not miss out on the sinful taste of a chocolate coated truffle cake. Whether you are celebrating your birthday at home or with hundreds of people, this is certainly a winning choice that truly entices everyone from adults to toddlers. So buy cakes online in Kolkata and choose your preferred icing, topping and flavor to get them just as you want.


Vanilla and Strawberry Varieties
Whether you like chocolate or not, you can always give other flavors like vanilla, strawberry and pineapple a try. For instance, a strawberry flavored 2 tiered cake with cherry toppings is often preferred for birthdays.

You can also send cakes to your loved ones, living far and near on special occasions and make payment at their secured online sites with a few clicks.

Eggless Varieties
No matter what your purpose is for celebration, a cake is an inevitable part of it. Now if your effort to find an eggless cake at the local shops have gone in vain, think about exploring the huge options, available at cakes online delivery shops. They are not only made of fresh ingredients and decorated with whipped cream and amazing toppings but also come in affordable prices.

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Some Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Low Budget Scheme

If your marriage has survived the onslaughts of time in the long span, then it is certainly worth celebrating. But are you getting a hard time finding gifts for your partner which should come within your limited budget? Well, we have piled up a list of inexpensive gifts that you can purchase for him or her.



It has become a part of the ritual to cut a cake when it comes to celebrating an important occasion like wedding anniversary. You can obviously bake a delicious cake at home but why take so much trouble when you can get it at a less expensive price from an online shop simply at your doorstep? The best thing is that you can place a personalized order with your choice of icing, frosting, topping and flavour, besides running through their large variety of egg and eggless cakes right from black forest and truffle to vanilla and strawberry delights.


However, if you have a tight budget to spend on expensive jewellery or shirt, you can also buy a Wedding Anniversary Gift online and surprise your spouse with a yummilicious cake and a bouquet of flowers.


Sweets and chocolates

Be it a grand party or a quiet celebration at home, desserts are extremely important to keep the sweetness of your relationship intact. There are different specialties of sweets like gulab jamuns, rasgullas, laddoos and more to choose from. Some of the reputed online shops also offer milk and dark chocolates with these desserts as a combo for Anniversary Gifts Online. So even if you want to wish your close ones on their wedding anniversary who are far from you, you can send some fresh and healthy desserts and chocolates in a nice pack and a bunch of hand-assorted flowers like orchids, carnations and roses with your best wishes.


Teddy bears and balloons

Gifting a teddy and some balloons may appear childish, unless your partner still loves to be pampered this way. There are many online sites that offer soft cuddly teddies and gas balloons with desserts and chocolates as a great combo gift with nice messages.

Cosy Hug

Dry fruits and champagne

While dry fruits symbolize health and progress in a relationship, opening a bottle of champagne is a must to celebrate an auspicious occasion. So if you have not planned anything special for the day, you can think of spending the entire day with your partner over a nice meal that you can cook together, dry fruits and champagne or wine. You can buy champagne online in kolkata from a well known website that also offers a nice assortment of freshly packed dry fruits. Now to create a romantic setting, you can light up a few well-fragrant candles and relish the togetherness in its dim light.

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Visit Authentic Online Sweet Shops to Find Different Varieties of Indian Desserts

What makes India a versatile country is not only its different religions and communities of people but also the different types of food and desserts that they savour. The wide variety of sweets from Rasgullas to laddoos to Gulab Jamuns and so on is perfect to mark a celebration while sweetening up the mouth and cheering up the mood. Now with the increasing popularity of sweets, many Indian shops have taken the online platform to make shopping easier for their customers. Here is a list of some the best selling items that they are offering right now.

Indian Sweets Online

Rasgullas, dipped in sugary syrup

Whether there is a guest in your house or a just a dinner with family, the different assortments of Rasgullas are a must for every household, especially Bengali. While the white ones remain a classic favorite amongst many, there are other flavors as well such as mango, strawberry and litchi that are fast becoming the new tastes of India. When this soft and juicy, round spongy ball goes into your mouth, it leaves a wonderful feeling to your whole being.

Does your loved one stay miles away from you, then mend the distance with a large variety of desserts, packed together in a nice gift box with a heart warming note dedicated to him or her. For all this contact a renowned Indian sweets online  site and share the exact location to them to get fast delivery within time.

Melt-in-the-mouth soft Gulab Jamuns

After Rasgullas, there’s no missing the hot and soft Gulab Jamuns that conveys the spirit of any occasion. From weddings to birthday parties to festivals, nothing can beat a box of Gulab Jamuns. The brown soft thing with an yellow core inside is not only good to look at but also tastes deliciously good. However, if you are still thinking of buying them from your local shops, shoot the idea and check out the various options available at any reputed Bengali sweets online store.

Laddoos for every occasion

Buying a few boxes of laddoos for your colleagues will certainly save your face in the workplace. Abd when you get them at the tip of your fingers without spending a large fortune and spending a lot of time standing in a queue of your local shop, it makes shopping sweets worth it. So visit an e-shop, browse through their list and buy Indian sweets online.

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