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Top 4 Trends in Wedding Cake Designs That You Must Watch out Now!

The design trends for wedding cakes are changing at a rapid pace every season, giving way to modern styles while bringing back the classic ones. From metallic to ruffled to exposed to white-on-white, the choices are galore. So if you are looking forward to ordering a custom wedding cake from a well reputed online shop, here’s a quick look at the trends. Check out!


Metallic has been a huge trend in the apparel section for a long time and now it has set its target on bakery. More than the vintage gold and silvery style, it is the stylized, art-deco, classic Hollywood look that the cake designers are preferring these days. Since metallic can adapt to any style, you can consider delicate embroidery in gold with geometric shapes that will render a fresh and contemporary feel to the entire cake decoration. Plus, you can ask your Online Cake Shop for a little edible glitter sprinkled all over the cake that can add some sparkle to the entire design.


: Online Cake Shop

Ruffles are another transition from apparel to cake. The sugar ruffles with subtle embellishments sans bold and intricate patterns create an elegant look. Light and airy, it does not feature much details. However, you can urge a reputed online shop for sugar flowers in between the tiers for an added avant-garde country chic style.


Exposed or deconstructed cake is a hot trend these days that allows a good peek into the inside of the creamy layer. While berries are good for Summer, seasonal fruits such as pears, apples, blood oranges and persimmons work well in Winter and Fall. While the naked structure looks appealing to the eyes, the delicious filling is perfect to fill your mouth with added sweetness.


Online Cake Shop

The white-on-white cake is widely favored by a large number of couples for their weddings. But you can add some twist to the classic style and go for white embellishments. For instance, you can jazz up the look with piped embroidery, jewelled adornments and choose edible pearls or petals for further appeal. Now these online shops are also offering flower arrangement with cakes and chocolates. So what you have to do is find a Florist In Kolkata that has an array of flowers and cakes in the most appealing and appetizing forms.

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Time and distance is not a factor for online cake order

Are you working in New York while your fiancé is here in Kolkata? Well, don’t have to be sorry for your absence on her birthday then as you can easily make it up for that with online cake order.


Distance to not limit you

Many times it so happens that owing to staying in different parts of the world, you’re not able to pamper your loved ones on their special occasions like birthday or anniversary. So, if you’re working abroad to make a living while your parents are here in Kolkata, you don’t have to be disappointed for not being there with them on their birthdays while they’re aging. Instead, you can just log on to online flower delivery services who’ll deliver them flowers, cakes and gifts of your choice.

Time that is flexible

At times, you remember about some occasion little late and don’t have enough time to make arrangements. You don’t have to feel guilty in such situations as online cake order in Kolkata is acceptable till 4 pm for the same day delivery. This makes it extremely user friendly for most clients who are not the types to plan early.

Quality that doesn’t disappoint you

Cakes and flowers are just two ways- there are many more like chocolates and soft toys to pamper your loved ones. All these are available under one online order website which makes it easy for you to order. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products as all meet the highest standards. The cakes are delicious to taste, flowers are fresh to smell while other products are up to their mark as well!

So, just sit back and relax as you enjoy the amazing flower delivery services in Kolkata.

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Titillate Your Taste Buds with Chocolate Cakes by Leading E-Stores

Sweets are a favorite for all. It is always relished among friends and family during any happy event. One of the most contemporary ways of celebrations today is done through cakes. It is basically a sweet baked dessert that is whipped with cream, nuts and cherry to decorate it well and also to add flavor on it. Talking of flavor there are many in the family of gateau, starting from the common chocolate, vanilla, strawberry to the more refined flavors like black forest, rum cakes and so on.

Titillate Your Taste Buds with Chocolate Cakes by Leading E-Stores

Whatever may be the taste or savor of the cake it gains its appeal through decoration. A well ornamented cake with themes as well as the right design and pattern does not only look mouth watering but is also very pleasing to the eyes. If you want to avail these adornment delicacies then the online stores will be a good option to tap. Reputed online cake shop has come up with marvelous designs of gateau that also have a rich creamy taste to fill your heart and delight your senses. From the eggless ones to the heart shaped sizzling strawberries this rich piece of loaf bread will just melt in your mouth.

Nothing beats the forever favorite chocolate cakes. It’s such a great temptation that is absolutely irresistible. Not only have the kids, even the elderly have loved it since ages. Even the leading e-stores say that chocolate cake delivery is the most common orders that they get all throughout the year. And why not, the rich creamy layers of that brown semi liquid stuff tastes so good and nice that it will make any sane man get lost in the maddening taste of that delicacy.

Extremely affordable, the warm and welcoming sizzle of the gateau invites you to enjoy its spongy and smothered layers of cream.

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Online Cake Shop Offers Huge Variety

Online cake order, allows people with an opportunity to have a glimpse on the huge collection and let’s people order cakes for special occasions. Some shops also promise mid-night online cakes delivery services. This service is liked by all, and is one of the best ways to pamper your beloved on her birthday.

It’s time to save your time of waiting in a confectionary store to order for your special cake. The e-stores are a boon these days that help saving time and offer an access to go through a variety of designs, to select the perfect one that suits your requisites. Online cake order endows people with an opportunity to have a glimpse on the huge collection and let’s people order cakes for special occasions. The variety of confectionary items available at an e-confectionary store is sure to win all hearts.

birthday cake

Online cake shop provides professional quality confectionary items and delivers them straight to your door step. The stores work for businesses as well as individuals and get the confectionary items shipped directly to various corporate sectors or to the residential places. Some shops also promise mid-night online cakes delivery services. This service is liked by all, and is one of the best ways to pamper your beloved on her birthday. The reaction of your beloved after obtaining the mid-night cake would be worth treasuring.

In recent times, maximum people opt to buy cake online because the e-stores offer extensive variety of favors as well as designs. In addition, the delivery options are quite attractive. People who are on a tight schedule and try getting things arranged for a social gathering in the last minute, ordering for online confectioneries is a superb time-saving and affordable strategy for them. Celebrating any occasion is effortless with fast online confectionary delivery services at your rescue.

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A delicious affair with fantastic dark chocolate truffle to remember

The party was on a roll, thereby asking you to introduce the star attraction of the evening. Not someone with an electrifying presence, but the one that ignites taste bud. Grand delicacies are synonymous tempting confectionaries, and exactly that’s the one everyone’s eagerly waiting for. No surprise you would be banking on something studded with fantastic dark chocolate truffle in this regard, for its legendary recognition as the perfect choice to set the tempo. Unless your platter is served with this party rocker, you are certain to feel that the menu is lacking its most significant item.

Right from Anniversaries to Birthdays, from New Year celebration to Valentine’s Day special candle light dinner- chocolate cakes are indispensables to pump up your spirit of celebrating special moments to the fullest. Those creamy delights, teamed up with crispy chocolate flakes and dry fruits brings a heavenly delicacy on table. Literally, you celebration is incomplete without these tempting delicacies.

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It’s Time To Reveal Your Dark Fantasy

The 9-to-5 erratic office schedule, board meetings, office parties, business tours often deprive you from fulfilling your inner wants and satiating your sweet tooth. With the mundane routine of everyday existence, you hardly get time for your loved ones. Now, when you and your partner are out for a holiday, you must make up for those busy unruly days with some real good moments. It’s time to live a life. You should put in that extra to reignite the flame of love and show how much you care for her.

Give her all she wants to surprise her and make her feel elated. Girls love chocolates and if your beloved does it too, get some erotic dark fantasy chocolates or cakes for her. Chocolates reduce stress and infuse in you a feel-good factor.

Check for cakes online to pick up your desired shaped ones! You may also get some flowers and gifts delivered at your doorstep when you choose a web store of repute.  Find out what more can you get when you place your order online – surprise your partner by opting for a mid-night delivery!

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Get a Strawberry Surprise for your Adorable Daughter

Is it the birthday of your little princess and you are still entangled in an office meeting with foreign delegates? And on top of everything, your boss is in a real mood to make you work till late night? Don’t get depressed. You can still manage something better.


You can order online cakes after checking the variety of flavours available to make the best buy. Try to fetch some fruity ones like mango delight, pineapple or strawberry cakes. Children love strawberries. Trust me! A cake with a fresh strawberry topping will surely make your darling daughter drool over it.

Don’t miss out on the gift for your darling daughter. Children have great expectations from their doting parents. Live up to her expectations and get her favourite Barbie doll or teddies. Chocolates, a strawberry surprise cake and flowers can make their heart to leap up in joy. Rush now and get everything ordered online sitting on your office desk itself! .

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Time To Express Your Love With Delicate Scrumptious Eggless Cake

It can act as an ultimate gift that can strengthen your bond of love, pamper your beloved and surprises her in the best possible way. The very best of confectionaries, set to tickle your taste buds-yes, your all time favorite delicacy called cakes. Pamper your beloved by gifting a truly zesty and tasteful celebration of the D Day. A Delicate Scrumptious Eggless Cake can be the perfect delectable gift she has ever had. The simple butter scotch flavor with attractive plagues enhances both the appearance and yummy delights. After all, who wouldn’t like to be bombarded with tasty cakes rather than having old boring tedding bears and show pieces as gifts? If your beloved has an extreme sweet tooth or is just crazy about sweets then, eggless cakes are a perfect gifting option.

The premium quality of cakes comprise of mouth melting flavors such as milk and butter scotch flavor arranged with decorative plagues. An ultimate gift that can strengthen your bond of love, pamper your beloved and surprises her in the best possible way. So, do not hold back and get ready to love and spoil your beloved by gifting them a tasty treat!

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Tempting Chocolate Cake to illuminate celebrations

Just imagine a planet without sweets… chocolates… cakes and celebrations! The thought indeed is very disturbing. Festivals and celebrations are deeply rooted in human blood and sole. And you know very well that any festival without a dose of sugariness is incomplete. Previously, in India sweets were considered to be good omen and auspicious. But the Indian people are gradually inclining toward western cultures. Along with the inclination, a brushing of western contemporary charm can be seen in every Indian occasion. Cakes have become the sole of many occasions. A Tempting Chocolate Cake flaunting at your center table will surely attract and kindle the taste buds of everyone. There are many e stores from where you can order online cakes.

When you share the brown chocolaty slices, you are spreading love, strengthening relations and the yummy taste of course. We wish life would have been a delicious cakey walk!

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An All Time Favorite Truffle Mania Cake

How about surprising your beloved one this anniversary with a tasty chocolaty cake garnished with fresh strawberries on top? The perfect topping with a chocolaty indulge allows her to drool over it. It’s a perfect way to bring in a flash of smile on her lips. Have you ever wondered what anniversaries or birthdays would be without the grand ceremonial cake cutting? From the baker’s kitchen to your home, a delectable cake makes its way into everybody’s hearts.

Opting for a truffle mania cake, for your beloved is not a bad idea. You are sure to experience a chocolaty flavor in every bite. Use them as birthday cakes, for celebrations, anniversary parties etc. There is nothing like a lip smacking cake, to make you feel special on your anniversary or birthday. It’s easy to avail the benefits of shopping online and send cakes to your loved ones anywhere and at anytime.

So next time, you plan to arrange something special for your friends or loved ones, try taking a pleasure ride into an e-mart and enjoy a delightful experience.

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