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The Significance of 5 Types of Flowers Which Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day gift!

One of nature’s best creations, flowers is the best gift for the most romantic day of the year. In fact, Valentine’s Day is considered to be the busiest day for the florists. There are a variety of flowers available with each symbolizing something important, something special. While it really does not matter what type of flower you give to your lover, but some flowers have the reputation of being more romantic. Thus, summing them up in a comprehensive list, pick the one you find the most appropriate and surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day.


The iris signifying faith and hope

The purple flower is preferred by many people for they symbolize confidence and optimism. They come in three types with each having its own unique qualities and beauty. Gather these beauties in a bunch and put them in a glass bowl before presenting it to your lover. It surely will make one of the best valentines day gifts.

The sunflower signifying loyalty

Sunflower is the national flower of Russia and used by many as an ingredients to prepare a number of dishes. But when it comes to presenting these magnificent flowers to your partner, they have a beautiful meaning to them. The bright yellow flower represents loyalty. So nothing can be better than giving a single stem sunflower to your partner! Talk about literally being devoted.

The wildflower signifying adoration

A flower that signifies adoration! Wildflowers have almost 5000 species and have an exotic presence about them. They have been used as gifts for valentines for hundreds of years. Their ironical association with admiration is a perfect way to show your awe and wonder for a particular person! No other can day can be better than Valentine’s Day to do so either!

The lilac signifying love

Having their origin in Europe, which is considered to be the most romantic continent in the world, it can be expected that these flowers are the perfect demonstration of love. Though very expensive for they are extremely rare, these magnificent blossoms are available in two colours, namely white and lavender. Propose your love for that special person with lilacs and jumpstart your love life again.

The carnation signifying fascination

Widely popular in the United Kingdom, carnation is an excellent pick among a wide range of valentines flowers. They have a long lasting quality about them as they last for up to three weeks after being plucked from the garden. And all along they stay fresh and keep blooming. While the deep red represents love and affection, the pink ones are believed to have association with a woman’s undying love.

Thus, whether professing your love or showing your appreciation for someone, flowers are the most significant thing to do so. Popular florists have a huge display of blossoms that range from valentines roses to lilies. The flowers are unique and distinctive from age old traditions. You can have them arranged in bouquet or get a single piece; they are very cost-effective and affordable.

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