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Buy Birthday Cake Online With Different Types Of Delicious Icing

The sight of different varieties of cakes can bring water in anybody’s mouth. However, it is important to note that the cake decoration also plays an essential role in increasing its deliciousness and taste. In fact, it is the decoration of the cake which usually entices the customers to buy the different flavors and so the bakers are paying a lot of attention on beautifying its top. Nowadays, you would come across different types of icing which have become popular.

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The Yummy Butter Cream

These types of cake toppings are made from the butter and the icing sugar. These are most commonly used on the butterscotch cakes.  It is a one of the most delicious fillings and when you buy online birthday cakes it will definitely melt your mouth. The cakes shops are making use of the  fondant icing powder instead of icing sugar  to get a smoother and less gritty butter cream.

 Get perfect shapes with Frosting

This type of icing is most commonly used on the top of the cupcakes. It is quite similar to butter cream but it offers an added advantage because of the presence of the pasteurized dried egg white.  It helps in providing the proper shape even if the weather is very hot. Of course, people prefer to buy birthday cake which are appropriately shaped and have an attractive look.

 Enhance the look with Royal Icing

This is a pure white icing and has a smooth matte appearance. It is regarded as one of the most traditional of all the icings. It is prepared from the blend of the egg white and the icing sugar. It provides a sophisticated look to the cakes. In fact it can also be used on the chocolate cakes which will give a unique texture to it.  When you buy cakes online in Kolkata, your guests will certainly be pleased and impressed with the choice of selection.

Apart from these decorations, there are several other different types of icing used on the cakes  such as the sugar paste, flower paste, Mexican paste, Modeling paste, poured fondant and so on.

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